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"The time it takes me to price a bill of quantities has reduced a lot.. The dictionary is also a useful addition"
Kegakilwe Kgokong

"I like the fact that I can access it from my smartphone which means I can work wherever I am.. The dictionary is also great"

Nhlanhla Ndlovu
Site Quantity Surveyor
"uMngane has made it so easy to make onsite estimates. It's literally an estimator in my pocket"
Ncaba Zindela
Quantity Surveyor

What is uMngane?

uMngane provides standard rates for most infrastructural categories of work. Civil, electrical, building & more. Use uMngane to save money & time.

Confused by certain construction words? Use uMngane’s dictionary to help you understand complex words & demonstrate your expertise.
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uMngane, staying true to being friendly, has a quick and easy to use rate search section. We have categories that make each construction category easy to navigate and within these categories are all the rates you want, scrollable. We also have a handy search toolbar. If we don’t have it, then your search failed. In which case, let us know and we’ll have our database updated within a week. Yes, A week!
uMngane has a friendly, quick and easy to use Construction Dictionary. We have a glossary style list of country-specific words, each of which leads to a detail consisting of a simple explanation, then a picture if the word is of an object. For our professionals, we have a link to one of our partners’ sites that offers all the detail and professional in-depth requirements you may want. What If we don’t have it? Well, then your search query failed. Let us know and we’ll have our database updated within a week. Yes, A week!

How uMngane Works



With the premium tier you get access to ALL work categories.

12 Months

R 2500

R 209 per month

6 Months

R 1500

R 250 per month

3 Months

R 750

R 250 per month

1 Month

R 250

R 250 per month


We are giving early users the opportunity try uMngane for the free. Access all work categories for a limited time.

Advertise With Us

If you would like to advertise with us (whether it’s a product or a service) we have the best real estate in construction and an easy on-boarding process. Email us directly at with a subject that includes your brand name and we will help you take advantage of this unmatched opportunity.


Our trusted suppliers are included in the app for you. If you have questions, comments, suggestions or would like to be a supplier, send us a message below.

Are the rates marked up?

No. We don’t put the profit mark up on our rates so people are free to add what they can and home users can use it for professional renovations or DIY costs.

Who can use the system?

Our system is ideal for Estimators, Quantity Surveyors, Engineers, Cost Engineers, DIY users, Students. It also helps small contractors that can’t afford an estimator and even cost curious contractors interested in diversifying into other types of work.

Where can I use it?

Being a primarily mobile system allows our users to have ready access to information on the go, during meetings, on-site, and in the office.

Professional Information Partners

Our information comes from professional information partners. That way you get the most accurate and reliable information. If you have questions, comments, suggestions or would like to be an information provider, send us a message below.

Accreditation Bodies

uMngane works with accreditation bodies to ensure that our information is the best for it can be. If you have questions, comments, suggestions or would like to be a partner accreditation body, send us a message below.

More About Us

We have your rates, but we are sure that like everyone you have at some point encountered an unfamiliar word/phrase your local industry. Guess what, we have a contractors dictionary to make sure you are always in the know. Our business is making sure you are always informed and have access to the latest information at the touch of a button.

uMngane is not just for the lost. The professional person has access to our partner links in the definition pages that take you to industry trusted partners that are not just in the know, but will give you the science, costs, and numbers that you may be looking for.
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